Hezekiah, My Radish Farmer

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There are 4 radish experiments presently going on in our home. 

My proud radish farmer, Hezekiah, is hard at work. 

He enjoys getting all of his supplies ready, he is good with his hands working steadily, cutting out paper towels, finding containers for seeds, cutting tape, setting the foil, and planting. 

The excitement everyday is how much the seeds have sprouted.  

He gets his little magnifying glass to see if there are any root hairs.  (Just in order to see them better).

He is able to do his graphs all alone, finding which stage each radish has grown in to. 

He is really enjoying himself with these tiny seedlings.  

It is awesome to watch him enjoy learning.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast

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I guess this is our annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast, since this is the 2nd year we have done this.

I guess I can call it annual?

We had some Indians over, no Pilgrims this year and we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and had our popcorn, pretzels, jelly beans, and toast (along with some bugles) outback on our picnic table.

Oh, those kids are just so cute! 

I am very thankful that not only we can do this, but that we had sweet friends to join us and give thanks together!

I hope your Thanksgiving table does not look like this tomorrow! Ha ha ha!

Maggie Beth's plate! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you make clouds out of when you do not have cotton balls?

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Quandary: what to make clouds out of when you do not have any cotton balls?

My second choice would have been marshmallows.......but you have to use what is available: puff paint, toilet paper, and the Q-tips.

Hezekiah used the resources we had and came up with these cloud types. 

The afternoon we went Putt-putting..........

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18 holes of putt putt + 2 hours = an afternoon/evening of putt putt and a new skill learned

Thanksgiving feast pictures

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