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Eli has been studying blood and its' components.  So we created some fake blood.

I cannot take any credit for this idea, actually I feel like I can take no credit for any ideas anymore since all ideas that have ever been thought of are all on Pinterest.

The plasma was yellow (water with yellow food coloring) at first.

Then the cheerios are the red blood cells, they were colored red with red food coloring.

The white blood cells are the marshmallows.

And the platelets (we did not have purple pom poms, so I had Eli use the perler beads) maybe that was an original idea?  Ha ha ha!

Anyhow, he had to tell me what the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets did as their job in the blood stream. 

He is such a smarty pants!

Archery Club

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This morning we took the kids to an archery club that meets the last Friday of the month.

It is for homeschoolers.  There were a ton of homeschool families present.

The Brevard Archers Association sponsors it and teaches the kids the correct form and rules.

Amazingly, it is free!

Despite the heat, the kids had a wonderful time. 

Patches -- Maggie's Homework

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Maggie Beth brought this little furry friend home today for the weekend.

When we picked her up from school today we headed straight to the pool with our lunches in tow.

So Maggie thought we would start the weekend off with taking Patches swimming. 

Her picture shows her swimming with her brothers and Patches. 

(Disclaimer: Patches sat on the picnic table and watched as we swam.......Patches was not water-logged on this trip). 

Ais Indians

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Indians, Native Americans, that is what our 3rd grader has been studying so far this school year.

Along with studying explores like Christopher Columbus.

We have even researched the Ais Indians who lived in this region of Florida.

The Ais were great fishermen, and their diet was rich in fish, turtle, and shellfish.  They also ate cocoplums, sabal palm berries and other fruits. 

From what we know, their homes were similar to this, with palm fronds on the tops and sides. 

(Since there were not enough palm fronds, our Sycamore tree branches had to suffice).

So since Hurricane (tropical storm) Issac is headed our way, we will see how this Indian home survives the next 48 hours. 

Everything might just be a picture to Eli

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Lots of drawing, coloring, cutting, & pasting goes on at our residence by a young first grader.

Whether it is spelling words, science, or math, it seems there is a picture on every page.

Creativity at work. 

These school days are filled with the freedom to design and do art.

To freely pick up a marker, pastel, water paint and create.

And it seems that everything is a picture to Eli.

Which is cool with me. 

Above he created a picture of the tongue to label his taste buds and do a taste test.

The only regret I have today is getting a picture of him after trying coffee. 

Crack me up! 

Yep, he did not like it! 

Wildlife Detective/Veterinarian Area

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Here are some pictures of the kids playing in the detective/veterinarian area.

Maggie Beth got to visit with her little friend Leah.  They are too cute!

We used Maggie Beth's gift card to the Flamingo Cafe.

Eli's Zoo Animal Study

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The past two weeks Eli has been studying various animals in his Science curriculum.

Added to his curriculum I have had him do research on the National Geographic for Kids site, on each of the animals that he has studied.  He prints out his creature feature cards and has them in his science notebook.  (I love this kid -- okay a bit like mommy in this respect).

Here is the site:

But there is nothing like seeing the animals for real, I mean you can watch a video of them, but better.

So I had him take the camera and take photos of some of the animals he has been studying and watch them having him remind me of any special features about the animals and where they live.

Let's make a list, rhinos, giraffes, bats, kangaroos, koalas, armadillos, apes, elephants, ant eaters......these are just a few......we ended up getting really hot and the lagoon was not open today so we decided to cool off in the wildlife detective and vet area.  

Below are his pictures.  Enjoy!

Cake Animal & Plant Cells

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Check out Hezekiah and Eli's cake cells. 

The boys both created a plant and an animal cell. 

They really enjoyed creating the cells and of course sampling the ingredients.

Cake just makes Biology more tasty!