Bye Bye Buzz & Woody!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, July 16, 2012 at 10:51 AM

We did our final drawings at the art of animation area, where we drew Goofy yesterday.

Eli also enjoyed watching the artist as he told us step by step how to draw the character.

We were right up front. 

We all have enjoyed this part of Hollywood Studios.  It is really cool!  And I am always impressed with our creations.

We also got a special prize to ride Toy Story two times in a row. 

We were in the fast pass line, and they needed a party of 5 or more and we were the party! 

And they asked later if we wanted to ride again, that it was just easier for them to let us stay on than to ask for another party and we were like, uhhhh, sure.   If you know anything about this ride, the wait is normally 80-100 minutes and the fast passes are usually handed out by noon, so it is one to get to early unless you want to wait.  So we were more than happy to stay aboard for another round of play!  And it was not busy at all yesterday at this Hollywood Studios.  The only park that was busy was Magic Kingdom this weekend.  So that too was a special present in itself. 


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