Art Festival

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We went downtown to the annual art festival.

We have been going to this art festival for years, prior to kids Page and I would stroll leisurely looking at all the exhibits.

My favorite exhibits being the blown glass bulbs.

Nowadays, we stroll quickly with three kids, one in a stroller, two walking quickly.  We glance at each of the vendors booths and our eyes will capture something we find interesting, we  have to stop our whole entourage and look.  We have to remind our children not to touch, just to look with their eyes.  Other times our children's eyes are lured in by artist booths that are colorful or have funny pictures.

My other favorite part of the annual art festival is the kids area.  I like seeing what our kids create.

The kids were looking forward to throwing on the wheel, but they were not there this year or we missed them.

Anyhow, they enjoyed creating their own works of art and best of all their works of art were free! 


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Hezekiah is finishing the school year studying dinosaurs, fossils, and the various types of rocks.

We have 10 days of school left.  Yes, 10.  Woo Hoo!  (Can anyone tell I am ready for summer?  So are my kids......the countdown is on!)

It just so happens that our dinosaur study coincides with Brevard Zoo's Dinosaur exhibit. 

We looked at real fossils from dinosaur digs that have been done in Wyoming.  This is a frill of a Triceratops.

There were also fossils from a Tyranosaurs Rex, which happens to be a favorite of our boys.

The dinosaurs are robots that make sounds. 

Here Hezekiah is running from T. Rex. 

Our trip kind of turned into a Jurassic Park re-enactment.   


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Do you know what hopsticle means?

That is what Maggie Beth wanted to do yesterday.  She wanted to do a hopsticle.

That means she wanted to do an obstacle course. 

Kinda of cute.........yes, she is.

Eli's weakness is Laughter

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Yesterday Page and I were at our kitchen table having lunch. 

Eli bops in to show his Lego Jungle creation and asks Page to play Legos with him.

As they are playing Eli is giggling a lot because Page was not sure how the Rhinoceros beetle was to eat the Lego leaves.  Page was not using the proper end......which even made Eli laugh a whole lot more.

There was more laughter, and Hezekiah bops in and says, "You know Eli's weakness is laughter."

Eli says, "Well, sometimes laughing is my weakness and sometimes it's not."

(So, I guess if you are in battle with Eli, you now know how to be victorious.........just make him laugh).

Brave? What's your definition?

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The kids were so quirky that by the time we left this afternoon, we were standing in line waiting for the Hero Tram to go back to Simba 13, that they were the entertainment for the Disney guests.

So much so, that I laughed a lot, and did have to mention a couple times that I was by myself with my clan of crazies and that their father would have to take care of them the rest of the evening.

I was laughing so much, that I was crying........they were insane.  Seriously!

One lady said, "You are a brave woman." 

I just laughed........I guess it depends on your definition of brave.  Maybe I am just crazy and that is where they get it.  

This is how to spend a day..........

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Today was beautiful.
The weather.
The company.
The laughter.

I spent today with my three sweet peas.
We got up early, headed out the door and arrived where memories begin.
Apparently the happiest place on earth for some.
For others, well let's just say.......I have seen tears at Disney.
(Crack me up!)

Thankfully, ours was pretty much tear free.

Where were you at 10:15 a.m.?
Yes, we were at It's a Small World!

We all enjoyed the carousel, the boys had a fun time picking at each other as the carousel went round and round.
The kids were kind of crazy, silly, the whole day!