Celebrating 15 Years of Married Life!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 4:29 PM

Today Page and I got to celebrate 15 wonderful years of marriage!

Thanks to some sweet friends who watched our kiddos for the day!

Thank you Mike and Cindy Mugge for making this day possible for us. 

You truly are a blessing!!! 

We went to Epcot and enjoyed walking hand and hand, talking about life, reminiscing about life before kids, enjoyed eating some pastries at France, riding the Maelstrom at Norway, watching the China, France, and America shows.  Most of all, we enjoyed time alone with each other.  It was AWESOME! 

I love my husband more today than the day we got married.  God has certainly blessed us and I am forever thankful and grateful for the blessings of a Godly husband and the sweet blessing of children. 

Grandma & Grandpa Visit

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Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Christmas!

It was such a sweet visit. 

Maggie Beth enjoyed the attention she received from Grandma and Grandpa and she did the Hula many times for them.

Hezekiah and Eli enjoyed watching Grandma and Grandpa open their presents.

They helped pick out the presents, such as a Buddha for Grandma (tee hee), & a Totem pole, tea, peanut butter for Grandpa (of course), and the pictures of themselves that Maggie Beth helped wrap. 

Thank you for visiting Grandma and Grandpa!  We love you! 

Christmas Morning

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Glee!  Excitement!  Exclamations: "I have always wanted this for my whole life!"

Squeals, high pitched yells, screams of delight.

Wrapping paper flying everywhere for approximately 5-10 minutes if that.....

A small portion of our Christmas morning was spent opening gifts. 

The remainder of the morning was spent playing with toys.

Of which were Sorry Sliders, Candy Land, and my new all time favorite due to the many giggles and laughs generated is definitely Twister! 

It was too funny, and the blood rushes to your head........it totally cracked me up!!!  

We even got Grandma and Grandpa to play after Christmas dinner!

Birthday On Christmas Eve

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Celebrating your birthday on Christmas Eve?

You have some competition.....right......with all the Christmas festivities.

We like to try and make it special for our little guy.

So Christmas Eve morning was spent at Krispy Kreme with us singing to Hezekiah for his 8th birthday!

Candle in the doughnut and all!  

Hollywood Studios Decorations

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The decorations at Hollywood Studios are too adorable.

I love the melting snowmen and the Santa climbing the building.

I could not pass up the chance of getting the kids pictures with them.

Hollywood Studios

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Hollywood Studios -- Christmas/Hezekiah's 8th

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Our whole trip, Page pretty much felt this way.......poor guy.  Sore throat and all, he was a

trooper and thankfully he had a good time anyhow!

Friday we went to Hollywood Studios! Hezekiah got to choose today which
park to go to.

Page and Hezekiah rode the Rocking Roller Coaster. Eli opted out today
because he had just eaten breakfast and was not willing to lose it. (He
cracks me up!)

We went on Toy Story, played with the Toy soldier.

We watched Mickey's Christmas Carol, made Uncle Scrooge from the
Christmas Carol at the art institute, visited with snowmen, and had fun
at Star Tours.

The kids made light sabers.

Magic Kingdom Christmas

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Thursday we went over to the Magic Kingdom.

Hezekiah's birthday is Christmas Eve, so we got him his birthday button and rode what he wanted
to ride.
He chose Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain as his two
 Uhhh, we got soaked on Splash Mountain. I do not remember

getting as wet the last times we rode it. So then we dried off on
Thunder Mountain.

Thursday we spent sometime in the pool and hot tub at
the hotel and later in the evening we went over to Epcot for some
holiday Christmas shopping. We had to get something special for Grandma.