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Love............this child of mine.  I love him.  About a week ago, during quiet time I found him crying in my room. 

I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "It's kind of difficult to explain."  So, I said, "Well, when you are ready to tell me I want to listen."

So, a couple days past and then I found him again in my room crying.  I said, "Eli, you know why God gave you a Mommy and a Daddy?"

Eli, "Why?" 

Me, "So, when you are sad about something we can help you and talk to you about it."

Eli, "Well, it is kind of difficult to explain."

Me, "Well, why don't you try to tell me."

Eli, "Well, when I get older I don't want to leave and go and live by myself and get married.  I just want to stay here with you and Daddy.  I love you.  And I don't ever want to get rid of any of my toys in garage sales." 

Me, "Eli, oh honey, you know that you can stay with me and Daddy for as long as you want to, you do not have to leave, I love you so much and so does Daddy and if you want to live with us forever, you can, you are more than welcome to stay with us.  And you know Eli, you do not have to get married either if you do not want to.  And when you are ready to sell something at a garage sale, you can decide when the time is to sell it.  How does that sound?" 

Eli looked up at me and smiled and I gave him hugs and kisses.  A look of relief came upon his little face. 

I asked him, "So, baby  is this what you were crying about the other day too?"

Eli, "Yes, Mommy."

I said, "Well, you know you need to tell Mommy these things, because you were worrying yourself about something you did not need to." (How often do we do this ourselves???) 

Oh, I love that I can homeschool and have the time to listen and hold and hug and help when those overwhelming feelings come for my little ones.  It is such a blessing to be here to hear them and their concerns.  Even though it may come a time when Eli is a teenager and he is ready to be on his own.  I will remember these little tears and this conversation will be forever imprinted upon my heart.

I also loved that today when we were talking about changing out his booster chair in the car that he got all teary eyed and wanted to keep his old one in the attic.  Poor kid, just cannot part with those "things or toys" it seems.  Oh, he is a sweetie pie. 


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