20 years in the Making

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Three families, 11 children, roots from the hills of Kentucky.

Twenty years ago I met these two college girls, Beth and Lacey. 

Beth was in Insights with me, that freshman college orientation group, and Lacey was in the room next to me in our dorm, Johnson Hall, when we all met 20 years ago.

I recall we were in English together.  And then all three of us were in Old Testament class together, or Drama.  You all can correct me!

Later we all roomed together in a blue and white trailer, I think we each paid $67 dollars a month for rent.  Crack me up! 

That is were our paths crossed in the hills of Williamsburg, Kentucky at Cumberland College. 

Twenty years have passed this past August and once again our paths have crossed miles North at the Cumberland Falls were these girls were camping with their kiddos this past weekend.  I guess all the stars aligned to meet up, God's blessing!  It was a brief get together.  But was sweet to see the kiddos all playing together.  We have certainly been blessed.  I wished we all lived closer so we could share in the day to day of life as we once did.   So our kids could share sweet times.  But the times they share will have to be short visits and I hope that they are precious to them in their little memories.   

Thanks Beth, Lacey for meeting up with us! I love you guys and pray for you daily!  God bless friends! 


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