The Smell of Strawberry Lipsmackers

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, June 13, 2011 at 6:56 AM

Since Saturday when I had to call poison control, I have been smelling strawberry Lipsmakers.

I had been cleaning the house and went by Maggie Beth's room and smelled something kinda fruity.

I knew what it was immediately, her make-up!

It was nap time so I only could imagine what she had done with her Lipsmaker contraband.

She had glitter blush all over her face and she told me she ate some when I asked.

So we called poison control and they said she would be fine, but I asked her again if she ate it and she said no.

So it's hard to know if she did or did not eat it, but it was all over  her pretty little face.

So, like I said I still smell strawberry Lipsmakers everytime I went near or into her room.

Just now I figured out where else she had put Lipsmaker chapstick.........all over her dresser.  I couldn't see it because her dresser is brown, but once I got closer I saw the waxy smear of Lipsmakers all over her dresser.  So now it is clean, no more pink waxiness for her dresser but I still smell Lipsmakers.   Probably because it is all over her lips, I mean around her lips kind of clownish style. 

She said, "I am pretty because God made me that way." 

Oh, Maggie Beth, I pray you know you are beautiful inside out and I love how God made you baby girl. 

No makeup is even necessary little one, but have fun.....have fun and I will let you put glitter blush all over my face little one. 


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