The Color of Light

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Life has interrupted picture posting this week.  It is now Saturday and Thursday we did our experimentation with light.

Hezekiah and Maggie Beth learned that light is actually a mixture of colors.  They learned that apples appear red because the red light bounces off of it. And if something appears white all of the colors are bouncing off at once so they appear as a mixture.  

They made color wheels that makes the colors change as you spin the wheel.

They even looked through some colored filters to see what color things appeared.

Bug Wars

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I have a little love bug.

A sweet little guy who carries around a blue bear and some britches, sucks his thumb, gives huggies and kiss'ies' un-demanded.  Today after I picked him up from preschool I told him that I took care of Cotton Tail (his blue bear) while he was at school.  He picked up his Cotton Tail and said, "I think he needs a bottle," and runs to Maggie Beth's room to get a bottle for his little bear.  (Oh, I think he will be a wonderful daddy one day.......he sure has a wonderful example).

The cutest thing the other day when I was asking Maggie about what she wanted for her birthday cake, Eli says, "I want Cotton Tail on my cake, but I just hope no one laughs."  I said, "Eli if they laughed it would be because they just think it is super adorable......because that is what you are!!!!"  Seriously, I could devour this child pretty much every minute of every day......because he has the sweetest, tender heart and is really a little lover bug.

Speaking of bugs, his new favorite show is Bug Wars, which he pronounces Bug Wires.  Too adorable to even correct. 

This show is found on the Science Channel, it is kind of the knock down WWF for bugs.  It is hysterical to listen to while cooking dinner.  The narration is too funny, I think one of the entomologists is seriously manic as she describes each bug.  From the other room I hear, "I think the preying mantis is going to win! Oh, no way! Awe, no did you see that! That's gross!" 

So since this little guys favorite show is Bug Wars these days, what have we been collecting? 

You guessed it.........dead bugs.  We even go on adventures outside looking for our own backyard bug wars.

Yesterday we found a caterpillar being eaten by ants. 

Catch Phrase -- Things said lately....

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Last night we were outside playing, Hezekiah says to me, "Mommy, why does Fred Flintstone say 'Yabba Dabba Doo' all of the time?" 

I said, "I am not sure, I guess the creators of the show just decided to make him say that."

Hezekiah, "Well, I guess that is just his catch phrase!"

Maggie Beth, singing, "I totally rock, I totally rock, I totally rock."

And Maggie Beth singing, "Where are we going? Daddy's work!  Where are we going?  Daddy's work!"

(Okay, so enough.......I know too many cartoons maybe?)

Early Morning? Easter Baskets!

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Two sneaky boys were awake around 6 a.m. with flashlights in hand, ready to find the goods the Easter bunny left behind.

I was asleep, but there were flashes of light, I could only assume who it was.

Eli, said, "I thought I saw the Easter bunny sitting on the couch, but it was only a pillow!"

I find them later in their bedroom, lights on, jumping up and down, they both are beaming with silly smiles, "Mommy, Mommy, the Easter bunny came and I got............!!!!" 

I said, "Oh yes, that is so exciting!  Now it is still dark outside so let's go back to sleep for a little bit and then get up to see all of our Easter baskets."

Yeah, whatever...........but I did go back to sleep.....for a little while.

Egg Hunt 2011

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After a wonderful Easter celebration at church and lunch we had our annual Easter egg hunt.

We have been practicing the past couple days, gearing up for the "big" day. 

The kids have even been hiding eggs for Page and I to find.

There were eggs shared by an older brother and given to his younger sister.

Oh, they are just too cute!

Happy Easter!  He has risen!  Live abundantly!

The Smithsonian Marine Station at Ft. Pierce

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This has been a week for field trips, yesterday we visited the Planetarium (I do not have any pictures......I accidentally left my camera in the car......maybe someone will send me some pictures from her camera)? 

This morning we went to the Smithsonian Marine Research Station in Ft. Pierce. 

Hezekiah and Maggie did a scavenger hunt.  Eli had a special Easter day at school, so he had a lunch date with Page and got to go to Page's work and play a bit (so he had a big day too)!  (Special one on one time with Daddy).

We visited each of the marine ecosystems and found organisms that lived in each ecosystem.

There was a wonderful touch and feel tank, we felt sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, saw some conch feeding on algae and hermit crabs. 

Maggie Beth and Hezekiah matched up shells and saw moon jellies.

In their classroom there was a beautiful reef aquarium, brine shrimp to look at under microscopes and  we also got to see some amphipods.

Easter Bunny -- Looks like you have some work to do!

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Above is a letter to the Easter Bunny from Hezekiah.

May I tell you just how adorable this young man of mine is??? 

Well, I am going to. 

I got home from teaching my class this evening and this little guy was still a twitter about the evening with Daddy. 

What was also so sweet and adorable was his need to write his letter at 9:35 p.m. to the Easter Bunny and having a blue marker and an "I Love You," on his little note to the Easter Bunny. 

Oh, he is so cute and sweet and just perfect the way my Lord made him. 

Resurrection Eggs

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Sunday, our Sabbath........our day of rest, even though it should really be Saturday.  Started out with resurrection eggs, then church, then some more resurrection eggs (because we did not get finished before it was time to leave for church).  I thought it would be appropriate to start since Sunday was Palm Sunday and we read about Jesus traveling on the donkey, to go ahead start opening our eggs.  And if you open one, you have to open them all.....right?  Anyhow, years ago (this is way before I had children) I witnessed a friend (that had children) using these eggs to tell about the Holy week and I thought hmmmm, when I have kids I am definitely going to use these eggs to tell the Story of Jesus' death and resurrection.   Above are the items/symbols that are found in each egg, a scripture goes along with each item and the kids were excited to see what was inside each egg.  Especially the last egg. 

When I grow up......

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According to Maggie Beth, when she grows up she wants to be:

"When I grow up, I wanna be (a).....


Dolphin (and I will go under water and come up like dis........shaking her booty) 

Santa Claus

Mommy (just like my mommy)


Well, at least she has choices......not too sure about the frog and dolphin, however, they do go along with Santa Claus...........I mean I guess she could dress up as a frog or dolphin. 

Be A Part Of History -- Mars

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Today we are a part of history. 

We are going to Mars.  

Well, at least our names will be going to Mars on a microchip via a Mars Science Laboratory Rover.

You can be apart of history too, just go HERE.