Get-a-Way Adventure

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So with some help from an awesome friend who watched our kiddos, I whisked Page away for an evening, for his birthday!  We went to Orlando and stayed at the Gaylord.  One of our favorite little places to go for a little get-a-way.  

We practically had 24 hours to rejuvenate, relax, spend time in uninterrupted conversation, walk holding hands and not holding a wee ones hand (not that that is a bad thing I love those little hands).  It's just nice to spend time together as husband and wife, as friends who really enjoy each others company, and enjoying time in the pool, hot tub, eating at a little Mexican restaurant, going to get ice cream (not having to share with little mouths), going to sleep whenever you want to and waking up to peacefulness.  It's a sweet time and I am thankful that Page wanted to have a get-a-way for his birthday. 

That is what he asked for, so I am thankful that our wonderful friend was so willing to take care of our little kiddos.  I think that our kids love Mrs. Casey, since we do not have family in this part of the U.S., she has become like an Aunt to our kids and her husband like an Uncle.  We are so thankful for her!  And the kids were pumped that she was watching them, they got to go to the park and have an extraordinary time!  

Happy Birthday Page!!!


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Today's Hezekiahism & Elism while walking into Sears to get Page's birthday present.

Hezekiah: "Did you know that there are toilet trees?"

Page and I, "Really?"

Hezekiah, "Yeah, on the radio at the Hubbard house there are toilet trees."

Eli, "Yeah, on the radio there are toilet trees."

I said, "Do you mean toiletries? Like shampoo, toothpaste, things they are collecting for this house or something?"  I still have no idea what they were talking about for this house....

We asked them more about toiletries, like what that meant.

Hezekiah, "That means there are toilets in the trees."

Eli's answer, "That means there are toilets hanging from the branches of the trees."

Toiletries I never knew you would be so fun!

 I was cracking up in Sears! Too funny!

Happy Birthday Love!

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Monday is my sweetie's birthday!

We are going to celebrate this weekend with an adventure!

Page requested Key Lime Pie for his birthday!

The kids helped squeeze limes today.

(Uhhh, they licked them too).

It is a labor of love.

But I could not let him have a birthday without a cake! 

"Keddy" & Relations

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So here are a few things said:

Maggie Beth (this is just cute and I do not want to forget it)  says spaghetti as "keddy."

Hezekiah (at dinner very seriously) "Did you know that Chris Tomlin and Chris August are brothers?  It's because they have the same name."  I think he has been listening to the radio maybe just a bit much.  He always has a new favorite song to tell us about and these two fellas happen to be his 2 favs!

Maggie Beth - "Don't say that."  

"Maggie's just being funny."

I'm Into Robots Now

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Yesterday when I went into my room, Eli was in there for "quiet time."

I knelt down to pick up something and Eli informed me, "I am into Robots now."

I said, "Oh really?" 

Eli, "Yeah, see I've been making them." (All so nonchalantly).  

I said, "So no aliens anymore?"

Eli, "Well for now Robots."  

One of his robots names is Timer. 

Air Show & Balloon Glow

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We went back in the evening to the Air Show.

I got to keep my oldest warm. 

I tell you what, he is such a sweet little boy.

He is a wild one, but he has a very special heart and really can be very tender and

oh so precious!!!!

Can you tell, I am loving this moment of time with him? 

The evening show was at twilight.

We also got to see the balloon glow after the sun went down.

It was really beautiful.

Didn't know I would be doing this when I woke up this morning.

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This morning when I woke up and if you would have told me that I would have been going on a helicopter ride, I would have probably thought you were kidding.  This day though had just those plans.

Here is our "TOP GUN" pose!

Our journey to get on the helicopter.

I had the privilege of taking the boys on the ride.

We had head sets and we could hear each other talk. 

Here are some pictures from our ride of the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean past the barrier islands.

Hezekiah was the Co-Pilot. 

Above is a picture of the Valkaria runway.

It was AWESOME! 

I am so glad that God had this day in store for me!

Hot Air Balloon

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Some boys I know went up in a hot air balloon today.

Yeah, they thought that was pretty cool.  Awesome, I believe were their words. 

We went to the Valkaria Air Show today.  On our way there we watched a plane write in the sky "Air Show" and create a smiley face.  Which was certainly appropriate.......we had lots of smiles during our visit.