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Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th, day of Christmas centered around water slides and hot cocoa.

Hezekiah took turns with Page and I going down the "big" water slides.  He had a blast.

Maggie Beth and Eli went down the "little" water slides in the "kid" area.

It was so adorable, Eli would hold Maggie Beth's hand and walk her to a slide and then he would walk over to his slide.  Maggie Beth would go down the slides and I would catch her at the bottom.  Eli was so sweet to walk her up the stairs and take her to the slides of her choice.  Maggie Beth loved those water slides.  I was impressed that she went on the "bigger" ones that were in the kid area. 

After some hard core water slide action, what is better than going back to your room and cuddling with a nice mug of hot cocoa?  Or Eli and Maggie's version of a mug with a spoon and hot cocoa. 

After kids went to bed Page and I took turns going out to ride the slides and visiting the adult only hot tubs. 


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