Eleven Pipers Piping

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Well, how about eleven pictures?  Not eleven Pipers Piping.......I mean we know 2 Pipers and we actually got to see both Pipers in the same day.  Aunt Piper AKA "Big Piper," and then the South Carolina Piper AKA "little Piper," according to Maggie Beth.   So not really 11, just 2. 

We went to Hendersonville, North Carolina for the day and we played at this really adorable Hands On Museum......large scale grocery store area, Lego racing area, art area, mail area, nursery, stage and dress up area.........totally adorable and fun!  If I lived close to there I can really see spending lots of days there with children!  Our kids had a blast with their little S.C. friends.

I will just also insert here that these little S.C. kids and even the 15 year old are just adorable, and that is an understatement.

  Our long time friends Lacey and Kevin thankfully let us stay with them.  Which is super kind of them, because we add 5 to their 8.  Which is a lot, especially when our kids wake up early and well, to say nicely are loud.  

Lacey too is one of those friends I prayed for when I was in high school, her blog is So Every Day (linked to the right).  Like Beth, God ordained our meeting.  She is a wonderful friend.  We too met our Freshman year, she lived in the room next to me and was in Drama and English (I think that is right).  We have a history of road trips & trips in general, to Virginia, Nashville (ask her some day about the Parthenon, Walterboro & Savannah - Paris Island (ask her & her hubby about the Infingers - b/c Kevin was on this trip too), then there is Colorado, and Williamsburg, VA. 

We had some fun times and still do.  It is a blessing to know this couple.  We love them very much and are thankful that even though we have shared good times together, we have shared some hard times together too.  Grace and mercy have been displayed in their lives and in ours and all I have to say is 
God is good.  

Thanks Lacey......you are a wonderful mommy, person, and God has blessed your richly. 

May God bless you beyond measure friend. 

Thanks again!


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