Fractions and First Grade

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Last night I went to bed thinking about fractions. Fractions are something that I dreaded learning about in school. Fractions just seemed to scare me. Math in general really was not my favorite subject. Last night though fractions were on my mind and how to teach them to my first grader. For some reason pie and cakes entered my head so I cut out some pie shapes and cakes and told Hezekiah and Eli this morning that I made them some pies and cakes last night in order to understand fractions. The whole one-half, one-third terminology, always tricked me I know God must have given me a bit of wisdom (because any good idea is not from me it is certainly from Him) and said to me, "Just say one of two, one of three, one of four....etc. and then say one of two means one half and so on!" Now that made much more sense at least to me because really if you ask my husband my brain just works different in understanding things like this. I know, sometimes I feel so unqualified but thankfully God helps me along. I mean I get the whole fraction is just something scary for me to teach because I am like.......I am going to mess it all up......but really that is just a lie Satan would like me to believe. (Okay, I always get off on tangents!)

Anyhow, the whole explanation worked great and I am pretty confident that I have a little boy understanding the concept of the fractions. He probably already knew it anyhow! Ha ha ha!!!

But I was thinking about reasons why I like to home school, let me share......and I am so glad I gave into God's leading!

1) I can teach in my pajamas, while my kids learn in their pajamas.
2) My son gets one hour of work in before breakfast, which amazes me each day.
3) We can read about King Tut's tomb outside in the cool breeze on our Adirondack chairs while a little girl swings.
4) I can lie in my sons bed reading to him about Missionaries in China and in Egypt during quiet time, he lies right beside me asking about these wild adventures these missionaries go on.
5) I can lie in my bed with Eli and teach him how to read.
6) Hezekiah can sit on the floor with his moving alphabet and create a journal entry. It is so cute to see the words he sounds out and how he thinks they should be spelled.
7) I get to hear a little 2 year old's sweet voice say our memory verse and she even does the hand motions. WOW!!! I love that God is placing scripture in our hearts so that we may not sin against Him.
8) I get to kiss soft little feather heads, hug my little ones, and tell them that they did a great job.
9) I am allowed the privilege of going to the park, riding bikes, or taking breaks when a break is needed!
10) I have taught my own 2 boys how to read, what a gift. Thank you Lord!
11) We can make our own schedule.
12) No school on Fridays! Trips instead or just a lazy day!
13) Fun crafts, fun foods to make, just fun times.

14) and beyond...........Days I want to remember and to live without regret that I spent time with my three babies!


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