Brevard Art Museum -- The Collage

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Field Trip

Place: Brevard Art Museum Date: 7/29/10

Purpose of the field trip: To learn about different types of art and artists.

Goal of the field trip: Learn two different types of art that can be demonstrated at home.

___Talked about how to behave: no running and no touching any pieces of art

___Get useful items together  (snack, camera, drinks)

After: (report and follow up):

__Did you achieve your purpose and goal of your field trip? Yes, we saw the Otherworldly Art of Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor.

This whimsical exhibition of surprising imagery reveals the otherworldly art of Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor. Collaging recognizable imagery in unexpected juxtaspositions, Uelsmann's photographs are produced using conventional darkroom techniques. His composite photographs of nature, the human figure, exterior and interior environments, and human relationships evoke myth and magic and are considered to be masterpieces of 20th century photography.  (Text from Brevard Art Museum

Taylor's work, which also utilizes collage, reflects her imaginative ventures into digital technology. (Text from the Brevard Art Museum website  Images are located on website as well. 

__Some new words we learned: collage and abstract

__Children's favorite part: Hezekiah liked Maggie Taylor's picture of the lady pulling her head off and she did not have a neck.

Follow up learning experience:

Hezekiah created a collage. He named it the Food Experience.


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