The Roller Coaster

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 6:49 PM

Last Sunday the boys went on their first roller coaster ride at Sea World. They rode the Shamu express. I was so excited to go on the roller coaster with them. I have such fond memories as a kid riding roller coasters. At first when we got off the roller coaster Eli was not too sure if he liked it, Hezekiah LOVED it. Hezekiah immediately wanted to go again, so Page took the boys this time and once Eli knew "daddy was going" he was all about it.

I grew up in Ohio, near Kings Island and when I got older I spent many a summer day there, riding the Beast, the Beastie, and the red and blue Racers. I even remember my mom making me put in my pocket a piece of paper with my name address and phone number - I guess if something array happened. We also had Americana. I am not even sure if Fantasy Farm and Americana are even open, but I am sure my first roller coaster ride was at one of these parks. I also remember one year going to Bush Gardens in Virginia (I think??) and riding the Lock Ness Monster! I remember the line was not long and my dad and my brother and I went on it so many times and the last time we got in line some kid puked, so we decided not to go on it again, because that is just not appetizing to roller coaster riding. In these cases I feel where there is one puker there are probably more because the smell is so disgusting! Oh, the memories of roller coasters. So what is your most memorable roller coaster ride? I am excited that the boys had their first experience on the roller coaster with each other, sitting side by side, screaming their little heads off, with their mama behind them screaming too!


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