Hezekiah's Birthday At School

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 10:39 AM

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Hezekiah's school and take in his birthday treat. I made chocolate chip cookie bars, the kids are required to clean up after themselves so icing is really not a good option if it falls on the floor it makes it harder on the kiddos and I wanted it to be fun for them.  He got to walk around the sun 6 times since he is turning 6, so he carried the earth and walked around.  Hezekiah is at Educational Horizons which is a charter school here in town and it is a Montessori school with 2 teachers a Montessori and a reading teacher. The kids were all working when I arrived so I was able to sit with Hezekiah on his rug and watch him work on his number board, he had his beads and board and matched the numbered beads to the number that he had put on the board. He was doing the teens. He then showed me his journal. He writes stories in there with pictures that he illustrates. For some reason he made some pictures of Sponge Bob (which I am not a huge fan of nor do I let him watch) but he also had pictures of him and Eli and Maggie Beth which I thought was super adorable. After his journal he showed me his color changing station where they have eye droppers with blue, red, and yellow and they get to make different colors with the eye droppers and he also showed me sink or float where he has to set up the whole task by pouring water into a pitcher then place it into a tupperware container and then predict what items sink or float and then place them with the correct label and then of course clean up after himself. It was adorable to watch him put each item away so carefully and roll up his rug all on his own. I was really impressed and proud all at the same time. I cannot believe how responsible he was and I think I need to give him more responsibilities at home........seriously! I even got to go out to recess with him and his classmates. They were an adorable group of kids and I think I had opportunity to talk to each one of them since they were so excited to have a visitor in their classroom. Too funny. One little boy even made something for me for Hezekiah to bring home to thank me for bringing in those yummy chocolate chip cookie bars. I cracked up, how cute! Well, we will be celebrating more later this month with our soon to be 6 year old! Amazing.


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