God's Gift to Me

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God's present to me!

I am turning 36 tomorrow? Which is crazy! I really do not feel 36, let alone 35 today! But anyhow I think God gave me an early birthday present. I have listened to these two songs like forever, because they are some of my all time favorites, but God reminded me today that He made me and has given me these years of my life to enjoy, to love, and to honor! What a blessing! We pray with the kids each night and their prayers go something like this: "Thank you God for this day, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Eli, and Maggie Beth and thank you for creating me, Hezekiah." Maybe I need to embrace that myself and listen to those words and thank God for creating me, Gretchen! I think too often I forget to praise God for His grace and the vessel He has given me to honor Him.  Anyhow, if you have never heard these beautiful songs find them on I-tunes or go and just buy the whole CD, because the rest of their songs are just awesome! Enjoy and read the lyrics like they are God's present to you!

*Sunday Drive*

*Sacred Delight*

Did you smile when you made the moon and gave the sky its color?

Did creation dance in rhythm too to your song of life I wonder?

Did the angels know you knew my name before I existed?

Did you tell them out of all you made why you gave me your image?

Is it true I'm your heartbeat, how you love me more than anything?

What sacred delight

What infinite wonder, that I'm precious in your sight,

You love me like no other, no other, Ohhh sacred delight.

Did you think of me the day you died that I would dare intend this?

Did you know one day I would come to you in search of your forgiveness?

Is it true I'm your heartbeat, that you chose to die than to live
without me?

What sacred delight

What infinite wonder, that I'm precious in your sight.

You love me like no other, no other, Ohhh sacred delight.

*Caedmon's Call*

*Ancient of Days*

Before there was time there were visions in Your mind.

There was death and the fall of man kind

There was life and salvations design

Before there were days there were nights that could not see your face

But the night could not keep me from grace

You came and you took my place

So I cried Holy, Holy begotten son of God, Ancient of Days

I cried Holy, Holy begotten son of God, I sing of your praises

Of the one who saved me and the promises He made

Before there was time He counted the hairs on my head

He knew all the words that I said

He purchased me back from the dead

Before I was made He searched me and knew my ways

He numbered all of my days

He shed forth the steps that I would take

So I cried Holy, Holy begotten son of God, Ancient of Days

I cried Holy, Holy begotten son of God, I sign of your praises

Of the one who saved me and the promises He made

You saved me! You raised me! You saved me! You pulled me from the grave!

So I cried Holy, Holy begotten Son of God, Ancient of Days

I cried Holy, Holy begotten Son of God, I sign of your praises

Of the one who saved me and the promises He made

Before there was time!

Now I try not to be biased!

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I really try not to be biased, yeah who am I kidding? But this boy of mine is one handsome little fellow. He has a hair raising personality, even though he often does not have any hair, it really amazes me that as his mother that I do have hair! He is a precious little guy, but already tall and up to my chest. Oh, sweet Hezekiah you make me laugh and you also make me wonder what to do with you some days. I love when you have something to tell me, "Mommy, let me tell you something." You still say M & M's, "Lemon, N's." You are just handsome! And no, of course I, your mother am not a bit biased! I know one day you will be on the cover of GQ! Crack me up! Anyhow little guy, you are just awesome and I love you, just in case you ever wonder! You are crazy and I am crazy about you, you like to be loud, you dance and shake your bootie and you really make us, your whole family, laugh. I really think that your lot in life is to humor me. There are times though when you just come up to me and want me to hold you, you climb up on the couch and lay there with me and let me kiss your soft feather head. You study your toys and know each marking and know if it is your toy or not by some blemish on the toy. I am amazed by your abilities little fellow! I love how you read and I am thankful that I got to teach you how to read. You are my smart little buddy who is intrigued by every passing bug. Hezekiah Page Phelps you are my sweet boy, oh how you have grown and I pray God will help you grow into a precious man of God!

I love when they hug!

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This morning playing with Eli and Maggie Beth, I was reminded of how much I love when my children hug one another. They are so affectionate and sweet (at times) just gently placing those arms around one another and giving a precious little hug. It is also just tender to see them kiss each other and care for one another. Eli and Maggie Beth were chasing each other around the house today and then belly laughs were heard throughout. Then Eli would just put his arm around Maggie Beth, she would smile and hug back and sometimes even place some moochies on her older brother. Oh they certainly can be adorable! And then well there are other times when they push each other down, kick, pull hair, tackle and cry.........which well is not so adorable! :)  That is why I love when they hug!


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The other day Maggie was playing in her room and I found her in my little baby crib I had for my baby dolls when I was a little girl. My Mom had sent this and some of my old dolls a while back and Maggie Beth has been playing in it. She is too funny! But she is such a cute baby doll!

Maggie Beth also has a growing vocabulary. She is 16 months old now, so her speech is coming along. Boon = Spoon, Baff = Bath, Bock = Block.  She is so funny, she gets her pretend food and asks for a boon, she will walk to the silverware drawer and point for a "boon" and continually say "boon." Oh she is too sweet! She also absolutely loves, which I think is not a strong enough word, her baths. And we will say to her, "Maggie, do you want to go get a bath?" Then she is off, toddles right to that baff tub. Oh, I love how she is talking.  Adorable, just adorable.

Eli's Day

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We celebrated Eli's Birthday with a dough nut. We also took cupcakes in
the day after his birthday to his class to celebrate. Enjoy!

Eli's 4th Birthday

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Four years ago today I gave birth to a little guy, 5 pounds 14.5 ounces big! Or should I say itty bitty. He arrived a month early because my water broke due to hurricane Ophelia being offshore. I had nothing prepared, no one ready to take care of Hezekiah and it was 11 p.m. at night, a Thursday night! I remember distinctly! (Thank you Mark and Melissa for coming to our rescue!) So, this little guy arrived into the world with these beautiful, I guess I could say handsome light hair with highlights. He was the tiniest little baby, eager to arrive and a cuddle bug right from the start. A sweet, precious, golden buttercup that fit perfectly in my arms and a pumpkin head that rested upon my shoulder. How can it be that you my sweet Li Fly are already 4? You are an intelligent little fellow. By 2 you already knew every letter in the alphabet and while Hezekiah would be at school you asked mommy to write letters and I would randomly and you were able to name them. By 3 you already knew how to write you name. So at four I guess you will start reading! :) You are our easy going, never needing to be the center of attention buddy. You readily share and make peace with the world. You line up your toys in straight little lines, often times I go into your room and either see lines of cars or lines of animals, yesterday you said, "These animals are gonna watch a movie." I love how you talk little man, you say your R's, W's, and L's in such a sweet way and I also love how you cuddle your britches and suck your thumb, even though you are not doing it as much these days. You are 4, my Li Fly!  My Elijah Blain Phelps. I love you and am so thankful that God gave you to me. I pray that as your mommy I will be able to show you how precious you are and that you my buddy are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE! I love you dimples!