Ben & Jerry's

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 5:35 PM

A little Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie dough anyone? Our family will do anything for a bit of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's in our town was having their 3rd Birthday today and celebrated with a ice cream eating contest, and awards for best tie dye, chubby hubby, ice cream face, etc. and they were also giving away free ice cream to anyone's whose birthday was in August or whose name was Ben or Jerry if you had a legit birth certificate or driver's license. So, I am game for free ice cream or having a good time with tie dye. So Eli and I sported our tie dye t-shirts and received free coupons for the next time we go for ice cream. The kids and I love the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Maggie Beth pretty much devours my ice cream. It will soon be time for her to get her own cone. Eli had a coupon for ice cream tonight since he got an award from Book Bucks at the library, so he enjoyed some free ice cream tonight. There were also clowns and a magician. Fun time!


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