Teaching our Hobbies

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Well, the water slide day was canceled, but plan B was go to Chic-fil-A. So Cindy, Adam, and Charity made it to Chic-fil-A to play. Again, sorry no pictures. But last night I went to scrapbook night at church. I have not been in over a year and had a good time. Got 13 pages done! Yeah, hooray! But it is pathetic that I had to plan a month in advance and write it on my calendar so that I would not forget about it. Tis life! So, this morning I asked the boys if there was anything that they would like to do and Hezekiah said, "I want to scrapbook." So, I got out my supplies and each of the boys made a page. So now my secret plan is to have them do all my scrapbooking for me and I will never fall behind!!! Crack me up! But they really did a great job. They selected pictures themselves, placed them, put the sticky tabs on, and put stickers on! Then they went outside an helped Page with his reloading of his bullets, sizing and cutting the bullets and a bunch of stuff that I really do not understand..........but they had fun. So it was a morning of passing on our hobbies to our boys,while Magpie napped.


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