To Moms without Boys

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Hello my friend, yes, you who do not have a young boy in your household.  Oh, the pleasures and mischievousness that you miss out on. You really do not understand the difference between boys and girls. And now that I have a little darling girl, I see why girls are described as princesses and as angels. Because compared to my little dare devils she is, she is sweet and tender and innocent.

With boys it is different. Oh my friend who is a mother of girls, you have got it easy! But I have been told the teenage years are where I will pay for it! Well, until then I will give you a bit of insight into the world of a mommy with boys. Boys that I dearly love and who give me so much joy! I praise God for them because it makes me totally not sedentary!

*  The wrestling that lasts the entire day.
*  The poops that get described as Larry the Cucumber or as "Oh, mommy you've gotta see this it is a big one!"
*  The insect that has been in their bug collector for a year that still gets inspected almost three times a month to see if there are any changes.
*  The references to bum, shake my bum, my belly button is the craziest belly button, or spanking each other on the bum and laughing.
*  Superhero costumes put on each day and taken off, put on and taken off, put on and taken off countless times during the day to only jump on and off random pieces of furniture.
*  Countless injuries either that occur from jumping off random pieces of furniture, running into walls or furniture or each other, & given to by a brother accidentally or intentionally hitting the other/kicking the other/or poking the other.
*  Missing teeth or chipped teeth.
*  Scars that can be remembered by where and when you were either on vacation or at a play date.
*  Blood........lots of it!
*  Loud, Loud, and Loud! Lots of noise, funny noises, weird noises, and bodily noises.
*  Dirt.........hmmm.....dirt from who knows where even if you have not been outside that day. Somehow the dirt, it is found and played with.
*  Clothes that want to be worn with stains and dirt all over it because well it is their favorite.
*  Patches, many patches in the knees of their little pants. I honestly do not know how many patches I have put in Hezekiah's britches.
*  The literal bouncing off the walls. I mean just craziness. If you have seen my little guys you know what I mean. Just super silly!
*  Boogers that are given to mommy to dispose of.
*  Power ranger moves.

Just always on the move until they pass out in their beds at night and so does their mommy!

I love you my energetic little boys! You keep me on my toes and who knows what you have gotten past me, sneaky boys!


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