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Booma is the newest addition to our family. Booma was awarded to our oldest child after he received 10 stars on his board for doing good deeds without anyone telling him to and shining like a star.  (Philippians 2:14-15) Anyhow, for Father's day we took Page, aka Daddy, to Cracker Barrel for dinner since the boys told me that was his favorite restaurant. We went swimming at the public pool, which I really think is our summer weekend routine these days, it is a lot of fun and everyone loves swimming. So after swimming we all went to dinner and while we were at dinner in Cracker Barrel the kids saw Booma. Now Booma is one of those little ferret looking toys with the ball attached to it and it is battery operated and wherever the ball goes Booma goes. Well, Maggie Beth thinks it is the funniest thing ever, Eli is not too sure about Booma but wants to play with it just because Hezekiah has it, and Hezekiah really thinks Booma is real (I think). Booma is spoken to like he is a real pet, Hezekiah says in a soft voice, "No, no Booma you cannot go in there. No, Booma do not go under the chair. Oh, Booma are you hungry? Look Maggie, Booma is so soft." It is cracking me up! I am thankful Booma really is not real because ferrets kind of weird me out, but it is good practice for perhaps really owning a pet one day.
Booma by you.


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