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We had the opportunity to visit South Carolina this past weekend and to
our surprise it snowed. It has been awhile since I have seen snow and
it was really beautiful. Reminded me of how God washes us as white as
snow! Anyhow the boys were really excited to see the snow, especially
Hezekiah. Eli really cried and did not want anything to do with it but
I made him go out in it, because really living in Florida when are we
ever going to have a chance to see snow again. And I think that there
is a possibility that he may remember it?? Hezekiah will I am sure!
Hezekiah just adventured all over with his little friends Mosely,
London, and Bergen. Hezekiah and Eli really had a fun time. Hezekiah
had his first sleep over and was able to sleep in the same room with
friends, so that was a big time for him. Eli, I think tried out
everyones bed and I think he liked London's the best. Crack me up! We
have a funny picture of him sleeping in her bed with his face plastered
against the rail..........that really should be my next blog I think.
Anyhow, Keigley family, "WE LOVE YOU GUYS!"


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