Mag Pie

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My Mag Pie!

MMMM Cookie Dough

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No good deed goes unpunished

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The flashlights! The other night while we were on our date I decided to
get the boys these cool, very inexpensive Buzz Light Year flashlights.
They are super neat, you put these caps with images on the end and then
when you are in a dark room you can shine them on the wall and the
shadows of the images show up. So get on with the
story. On Friday I had taken the boys & Maggie Beth to Pump it Up and
there at Pump it up they have the insane 25 cent "Toy/Junk dispensers."
(At least that is what I will kindly call know all the
assorted color bouncy balls, Tattoo's, and now ALIENS). So, I am
excited about our day at Pump it Up, it is a special treat since it
costs $7/child to go and the boys bounced so much and went down the
slide so much that they even took naps that
afternoon............anyhow..........but when we are about to leave
Hezekiah is like insane about these Aliens in this
Eli gets on the bandwagon too. So, I say to them, "If we have 2
quarters in the car then we can come back and get them........if we DO
NOT have quarters then we will not get them." So we take the LONG WALK
to the Envoy.........where I dig through my console looking for no avail there are NO.........quarters for
Aliens. So I have to deliver the bad news to the adamant boys that
there will be no Aliens today. So what happens? All ballisticness (I
know that is not a word........but we will use it instead of another
word here...) breaks loose. Hezekiah throws up his hands like he is
Frankenstein and squints his eyes and starts to pretend cry/real cry and
Eli seeing his older brother acting in such a way that is disgusting to
me that he decides to act the same way. I was so livid..........I was
just like, "You would think a 5 and 3 year old would appreciate the
measures that their mother went to today to give them a fun day at Pump
it Up and that they would appreciate Maggie Beth not taking her nap so
they could have a fun time..........but NO, they are throwing a royal
fit about some 25 cent junk Aliens.............not even one Thank you
mommy for taking us to Pump it Up, it was so much I let
them know in no uncertain terms know how disappointed I was in their no good deed goes unpunished.
So why did I start with the flashlights? Well, this good deed as well
did not go without punishment too...........since Mrs. Bolick gave
Hezekiah some glow in the dark stickers for his room the boys have had
so much fun looking at their glow in the dark stars at night that we
even have to turn off the night light. So, I thought oh, this will be
so much fun with their little flashlights at night. I truly must live
in a dream world b/c those boys had way too much fun! What was I
thinking I ask myself??? Well, I did allow a bit of fun of
course.........but we had to put an end to it after awhile of hilarious
fun for two little boys who enjoy flashlights and anything that glows in
the dark. Oh my little it up till Mommy takes all the
fun away! Live it up!

Monster Jam Feet

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Our fun times these beautiful evenings in Florida have entailed Monster
Jam Madness! Really just lots of dirt and Monster Jams. Hezekiah with
the hose makes mud so that the Monster Jams can drive through the
mud/dirt and on the ramps made of Page's scrap wood with concrete
blocks. It is a lot of fun and pretty messy, so I have decided that
every night that is bath night we can play in the dirt outback with the
monster jams. The Monster Jams have funny names such as Monster Mutt
and Bulldozer and Grave digger. Here are some pictures of their feet
Page took for me. Maggie Beth is sweet, she just swings in her swing
and laughs sometimes at her brothers, but pretty much contently swings
and smiles.

Maggie at the Park

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Maggie Beth is 10 months old now!  I cannot believe it!  She is crawling, eating Baby mum mum's all by herself, and she is just precious as can be.  It is unbelievable to me that she will be a year old here in 2 months!  Where does the time go?  I am just so thankful that I get to spend each day with her!  Anyhow here are some pictures of our walk in Erna Nixon park this afternoon.  Check out Page's blog for some shots of the boys! 

The Girls
Me And Maggie

Pizza Making Party

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Today we had some friends over to have a pizza making party. The boys
all helped make the dough, patted their dough out to make individual
pizzas and then added all their ingredients. It was cute to see how
much or how little sauce they used as well as how much or how little
cheese and pepperonis they used. I think Hezekiah and Logan get the
vote for the most sauce, Alston the vote for the least sauce, Eli the
vote for the most cheese (we will just call it a small mountain of
cheese), and Dawson gets the vote for making his pizza with equal
amounts of all ingredients. For most creative Alston receives the award
for making his pizza a Mickey Mouse pizza. Crack me up. Anyhow, it was
not as messy as I had expected it to be. We did not get anything on the
floor at all, which for 5 little 5 and under boys is pretty
spectacular! Enjoy!

Space bunnies

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Today Hezekiah brought his planet/space picture home with his
astronaut. I was so impressed with his artwork I thought I would blog
it. I love all of the color. They had been cutting out planets and
painting them. On the rocket that is blasting into space is his little
picture. The astronaut of himself is too cute. Anyhow I hope you too
enjoy his artwork. Our friend Casey also came by to show baby bunnies
to Hezekiah and Eli. Hezekiah was all about the bunnies. Eli was not
too happy that I tried to wake him to see the bunnies, so he threw a fit
so I told him to go back to bed. So thanks to Casey, now Hezekiah is
asking like every 5 minutes for a bunny. "Mommy, when are we going to
get a bunny?" "I am going to name my bunny Henry." "Can we go to the
store and get a bunny right now?" "Mommy, I think those bunnies want to
sleep with me in my bed." He was too funny about those little cute
bunnies! We decided the bunnies should be called Hezekiah and Eli that
Mrs. Casey brought by, he just kept holding them and he got a blanket
for them and then he put his P.J.'s around them. So, thanks to Casey
Hezekiah wants a bunny, and Eli said he wanted a parrot? I do not know
where the idea of a parrot came from, but it's name he said will be
Thorn or something that sounds like that.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels & a Workout

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Hezekiah has been asking me to make chocolate covered pretzels for over
a week and so last Friday we made them and gooey gum drops. Eli thought
the gum drops were too spicy! Hezekiah had told me for like 4 days
straight that on Friday he wanted to make the pretzels, the gooey gum
drops, and go to the park. So we did all three and at the park we had a
picnic. The pictures of the park here, however, are from Sunday when we
went to a local park and they have the course with all the different
exercise stations, so we all decided to do the
was cute to see Hezekiah and Eli trying to do jumping jacks, toe
touches, push ups, sit ups, pull-ups and more! Adorable!

Maggie Beth meets new friends!

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Who's sleeping in my bed?

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Eli's face plastered against the railing!


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We had the opportunity to visit South Carolina this past weekend and to
our surprise it snowed. It has been awhile since I have seen snow and
it was really beautiful. Reminded me of how God washes us as white as
snow! Anyhow the boys were really excited to see the snow, especially
Hezekiah. Eli really cried and did not want anything to do with it but
I made him go out in it, because really living in Florida when are we
ever going to have a chance to see snow again. And I think that there
is a possibility that he may remember it?? Hezekiah will I am sure!
Hezekiah just adventured all over with his little friends Mosely,
London, and Bergen. Hezekiah and Eli really had a fun time. Hezekiah
had his first sleep over and was able to sleep in the same room with
friends, so that was a big time for him. Eli, I think tried out
everyones bed and I think he liked London's the best. Crack me up! We
have a funny picture of him sleeping in her bed with his face plastered
against the rail..........that really should be my next blog I think.
Anyhow, Keigley family, "WE LOVE YOU GUYS!"