Mommy & Maggie Beth

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It has finally got cold enough to wear some cool weather gear. Maggie
Beth is adorable in her little hat!

3:53 a.m. - 4:50 a.m. The Time the Planet Heroes Arrived

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3:53 a.m. - 4:50 a.m. -- The time I was awoken this morning by two little boys who were busy playing Planet Heroes. Now, mind you I was awoken at 3:53 a.m. hearing some cracking sound and so I went to check on "the house" and all its' "occupants," it is hard to say actually what time the PLANET HEROES actually started their flying around the Hezekiah/Eli galaxy. To that I really do not mind knowing........let's just call it 'Ignorance is Bliss.' So, I see light coming from around the door and I go in and Hezekiah is playing with Ace and Eli has Tiny (an asteroid, who is not so tiny). I am like, "Oh, my you see outside??? There is no blue outside (the color of the sky when Hezekiah sees it is time to get up.......when the sun is rising.......definitely Page's child!!). GO TO BED!!" So, I proceed to get my pillow and a blanket and sleep on their floor to MAKE SURE THEY GO BACK TO BED!!! As I get my pillow from my comfy bed, I grumble at Page, "Your children are up at 4 a.m. playing Planet heroes!" So I camp out on their floor, because I know that once I left that room and they were not asleep then I would be back in there like every 15 minutes.........and well I desperately wanted to go back to bed myself. So I listen to my boys toss back and forth in their nice comfy beds, while I lay on the floor??? What am I thinking I am asking should put those boys on the floor and get in Eli's bottom bunk........that way at least YOU would be comfortable. I listen more and Hezekiah is like whispering to his I take ALL toys away and I listen to Eli slurp on his thumb. Then I keep like talking to myself in my mind.........why I sure wish the floor was like a Tempurpedic mattress (those soft cushion mattresses that like form to your body). I wish that those little Planet heroes would go to sleep so I could go to my bed. Does Page even care that I am in here & he is in that comfy bed. My little Maggie Beth is such a good little girl........ya know you would think that I would be up with a 5 month old maybe, but a 3 & 4 year old........AAArrgghhh!!!! I also said to myself. "Well, I guess this is blog worthy?" But I really do not know if this is an early morning I want to remember.


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Here are some images from Trunk or Treat at our church last night. Whew
it was hot! Hezekiah was Iron Man, but busted out of his costume once
he was done Trunk or Treating. Eli was "Eli, I don't want to be
anysing!" That is ANYTHING for those of you who do not know Eli and how
he pronounces his words. Maggie Beth was the most adorable little kitty
cat. She however, had too much fun eating her feet and smearing the
black face paint AKA whiskers, so thankfully I had some wipes on hand.
They were too cute. We are looking forward to dressing up again this
Friday to go to another Trunk or Treat. (Actually, right down the is so adorable because they have the cutest preschool
games for the kids!!!) YEAH for Candy!

MMMM Pumpkin

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Just some more cute pics!

Pumpkin Patch

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We visited the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon! Look at my pumpkins!

Lemonade Stand

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Here are some pictures of our garage sale/lemonade stand that we had
yesterday. Hezekiah drank a lot of our profits. We even had a pitcher
of lemonade spill too. Our cookies were the big seller of the day, but
there were also cupcakes and brownies! The boys helped for about 2 1/2
to 3 hours and then they decided they had had enough.

My Super hero!

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Hezekiah is going to be IRON MAN for Trunk or Treat this year! Isn't he so cute? Eli on the other hand is just going to be Eli. He said, "I don't want to be anysing (anything)." So, I decided I will make him a t-shirt that says on the front, "I am Eli." And put on the back, "I don't want to be anysing (anything)." And well that will be his costume. Page would like Maggie Beth to be Word Girl and he said he could be the Butcher from Word Girl. I think I will just be Mommy.

Battleship in the Queen Size Mattress

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So, I will be out of comission for a bit, have to have umbilical hernia
surgery in the morning. So say a prayer for a quick fix and quick
Now for the funny stuff, last night I got into bed and I was almost
ready to snooze and turned over on my side and put my hand up by my
pillow and there was something there. I was like, "What in the
universe, why is the remote control in our bed?" But then I was like
that is not the right shape of the remote, now it is dark and if you are
a good mom you can decifer what toy is in your bed in the dark just by
the shape and texture. I figured it out quickly it was a hand held
battleship game. So, I said to myself sleepily, "Oh, it is only
battleship." I was not alarmed by it being there either because since
Maggie Beth has been born I put Hezekiah in our room during his
nap/quiet separate the boys so Eli takes his nap. So I
have a tent in my room and sleeping bag and put toys in there for
Hezekiah, so I totally know why battleship was in my bed last night.
So, I was too tired to even move it and when I awoke this morning
battleship was still by my pillow. Since I am not a morning person, I
decided to not even lay in bed and play battleship prior to feeding
Maggie battleship is still in my bed it is now 6 p.m. I
am trying to guess how long battleship will actually reside there,
because well I have no intention of moving it anytime soon.