All in one morning

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Well, I woke up today thinking it was not going to be too bad, we had
swim lessons and dentist appointments, and they were separated by two
hours, so I had a good plan..............I thought. But it did turn out
to work out alright.....thankfully. I still have been having crazy pain
in the right side of my abdomen and I called the doctor this morning
prior to swim lessons asking if they had scheduled the CAT scan yet,
since 10 days of antibiotics did not work. Well, they had not. So, I
gave them my cell number and they said after they see about my blood
work they will see if they can schedule the scan. So, we went on to
swim lessons at 8:40 a.m. and arrived by 9. While I am talking to the
swim instructor, I get a call from the doctor's office asking if I had
eaten anything.........I said, "Yes, half of a banana." She said, "That
is alright, okay can you get here by 10 and get your barium drink? They
can do your scan at 12." I was like in my head, "Swim lessons over at
9:30ish, drive from Palm Bay to Melbourne near the airport........Yeah,
I can do it!" So, after lessons which Hezekiah was done at 9:40, we are
on our way, get to the doctor's office at 10:10.........start drinking
barium. We have a potty emergency, I call Page......can we stop by your
work and let the boys go pee? He is like, "Sure!" By that time Eli
went in his britches........but Hezekiah held on for the bathroom.
Thankfully I had an extra pair of pants and underwear! (Should always
carry an extra pair.......) So Page took the boys to the potty, and
changed Eli for me..........because our next stop was the dentist. I
was still drinking the barium (1st bottle). So, we get to the dentist
(now mind you, Eli is now in a striped shirt and blue camoflage pants,
he does not match at all........I did explain my son's appearance to the
dental hygenist)..........and now I have to pee! So I take all children
into the bathroom with me, I pee, I then change Maggie's
diaper........and now she is ready to eat. It is almost 11. So, the
boys play in the dentist office til called, and I feed Maggie. Now, I
had finished my first bottle of 11:20 was the next
bottle. So we are called into the office.........boys check out
good........nice clean teeth!!! So we are on our way. Page meets me at
the dentist office to take the kiddos back to the house, so I can get to
my CAT Scan at 12. So, I did it! We accomplished it all. Thank you
LORD!!! I pray that my results are alright and nothing serious is going
on. Mostly I just pray for healing for my crazy body! All in one
morning! I am thankful for nap/quiet time!

Gaylord Palms Get away!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 2:47 PM

Well, we survived my little birthday/family get away! It was so much
fun and also was nice to stay in such a nice resort, 4 Stars! Woo Hoo!
We played at the pool and walked around the Gaylord Palms resort which
has so much to see. We played in the game arcade games that move, way
more cool than when I was a kid. We also got to use the La Petite Kid
Care for a couple hours for the boys and they absolutely loved it!
There was this huge indoor play area and they also had toys galore in
all these cute different stations.......personally I wanted to stay and
play too! I think we will definitely have to return when Maggie Beth
turns 3 and she can attend too! The pool though was really great and
Hezekiah must have gone down the octopus slide a bagillion times!!! NO
KIDDING!! I got to got down a few of the times with him, but Page
mostly got the opportunity! Eli hung out with me and Maggie in the
shallow area of the pool. Maggie slept one day while we were out there,
but the next day she was a swimming away, what a little kicker! We also
had dinner in the Key West area at a place called Sunset Sam's Fish Camp
and we ate on the sail boat.........Page had a great dinner of scallops
and I had chicken............go figure! Our room was also beautiful and
we had a balcony view! Hezekiah said he wanted to stay for 44
days.........if we could only afford to!

Grandma & Papa Visit

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 10:23 AM

Well, since my last post we had visitors and my birthday! Grandma and Papa came to visit and we had a lot of fun, except for me not feeling 100%. Thankfully, I am feeling better! We pretty much went swimming at Grandma and Papa's hotel pool the whole time they were here and the boys swimming skills were awesome! Maggie Beth got loved on by all and she enjoyed her Grams and Gramps very very much, since there were more hands around to be held and more lips to be given kisses! We had a great time! Thank you Grandma and Papa for visiting us!

Flat Bergen also went with us to Kid Fit, he got to meet Grandma and Papa and ate with us at Cracker Barrel and he even visited the pool. We also had Toot and Puddle visit with us for the weekend, that too was an adventure! We are preparing for our own family adventure to the Gaylord Palms and we are so very excited, it looks like more swimming will be in our future!

Flat Bergen comes to visit

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Oh the places you will go with our family Flat Bergen! Today you went
to Hezekiah's school, to Wal-Mart with Eli and Maggie Beth, and also to
Eli's 3rd year check-up and Maggie Beth's 4 month check-up! You got to
witness Maggie get her shots. The people in the waiting room with us
thought we were quite strange taking a picture of you with Eli, but it
was fun and kept them wondering huh? We have made flat Eli and flat
Hezekiah and we will send them your way! We are looking forward to see
where you take us! I hope you check out our blog to see where you might
go later today or even tomorrow!!! You even got to go in Hezekiah and
Eli's room, but those pictures are on Page's camera!

This is such a cute idea! Thanks Lacey for sending flat Bergen to us!
How much fun we have already had!

I find it amusing.......

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Hezekiah is cracking me up these days, the other day we caught him looking in the mirror making faces at himself. He would say, "Hey, who you looking at?" And then he would start laughing, he would make another face and say, "I'm Hezekiah, who are you?" It was very amusing. Page goes, "Gretchen, you have to see this."

He also has been coming up with these silly voices, that are totally cracking me up. He does high squeaky voices and then low voices and pretends he is somebody else or some crazy character or superhero. Like for example, he and Eli were pretending, and Hezekiah was red Spider man and Eli was gray Spider man and then Venom Saga was on the other side of the train table. Hezekiah would say in a deep scary voice, "Who's there? I am gonna get you Spider man." And then he would say in his Spider man voice, "Gray Spider man, Venom saga is going to try and get us, we better run and hide." I find his voices super funny. Four and a half is a funny age!!!

Swimming Lessons

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This morning we had swimming lessons. Hezekiah did so well! We were so
proud of him and how hard he worked. I initially wanted Hezekiah and
Eli to both do lessons, but Eli (I knew he may not do it) decided to by
pass the lessons today, poor guy. Hezekiah decided to go first and he
seemed to really enjoy himself. But I guess Page and myself told him
too much how proud we were of him and what a great job he did, because
he said, "I don't want you to say that to me anymore!" I guess we may
have over did it! :) Anyhow, Eli was happy to sit in mommy's lap and
watch while Maggie Beth slept and woke up and then decided to play! So
it was an early morning to the pool and then later we came back and
practiced in our little pool!

Family Photo & Maggie Beth

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Happy 3rd Birthday Eli!

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Today we celebrated Eli's Birthday! Thanks to wonderful friends who
could come celebrate with us! We love you Eli!!!