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Today Maggie Beth is 3 months old! What a peanut! And I believe she
grew overnight. She is such a tall baby, and she is finally filling out
in her cheeks and her little thighs. Oh, she is so beautiful, just a
smiley little girl. I also love how she enjoys getting her mommy all
wet during her baths. She is such a kicker, Janet Evans beware!

We also had an adventure to the Brevard Art and Science Museum.
Hezekiah, Eli, Maggie and I decided that today would be a good day to
visit the museum. Hezekiah really wanted to see dinosaur bones (I
warned him that there may not be bones). However, when we got there and
I asked about the Science part of the museum........they had
discontinued it???? There goes Science day............but I wonder
why? Anyhow, we had just as much fun looking at the Art exhibits. This
wonderful lady took us around to practically each exhibit and talked to
the boys about each piece of art. I think Hezekiah knows more about
portraits, texture, collages, abstract than most 4 1/2 year turned out to be a lot of fun. To begin with,
however, I was a bit scared because of course you are not to touch
anything and well being almost 3 and 4 1/2, that is a tough thing to
learn and also having walking feet!!! But after many warnings to not
touch, it was as if there was a magic screen around each
item.........Hezekiah would go to touch, but it was if I was watching
his little brain work, "No, no I may not touch it." A learning process
it was. They also got to do their own artwork, Hezekiah a portrait of
himself and a picture of a woodcarving he saw and Eli made a beautiful
picture too and they are on display at the Art Museum for your enjoyment
pleasure! Later, down the street there is a art classroom area and this
was so much more practical for my boys, they could play LEGOS, roll
balls and color. So it really was not the day I had expected at the
Museum.........I was looking for Science Time, but Art Time was just as


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