Monster Jams

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Here are the boys Monster Jams they made on Tuesday for Craft time! You can also see their haircuts from Monday! Page touched them up a bit for me.

Haircuts, Cheetos, and Star wars

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I did it! Oh, my boys desperately needed haircuts and it has been so hard finding time to do them so I decided to take the task on today all by myself. Usually this is Page's job, so I thought I would surprise him at lunch with fresh haircuts. So, I bribed the boys........."If you let mommy give you a haircut you can watch any show you want (within reason) and have Cheetos (well Wal-Mart brand)." They bought into it!  Sooooo, after playing Johnny Cars all morning (Jonny AKA Lightning McQueen), we shaved those hairs off. I had a plan though just in case it did not work.........I figured if I mutilated the boys hair it still would be a funny surprise for Page at lunch time and he could always fix it this evening. But to my shock and awe the boys did wonderful. I just had to place the bowl of Cheetos in front of Eli and let him eat them while I cut his hair, so I am sure he ate both hair and Cheetos.  He had orange powder everywhere. Thankfully Eli had his bath right after his hair cut. Hezekiah too. I did an alright job, here and there their little heads need a touch up, some sprouting hairs........but Page was really surprised with my efforts. Oh, it surely is the little things in life these days that fill my heart with excitement. Crack me up! Oh, by the way Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back........was the chosen show.


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Page took the boys to Dunkin' Doughnuts yesterday morning. The boys each received a free doughnut coupon as part of their BOOK BUCKS. Each Thursday morning this summer we have gone to the library for the summer reading program, if they read everyday with mommy for 20 minutes then they get one BOOK BUCK a day. Hezekiah loves the Berenstain Bear books, especially the Bear Detective books by the Berenstains. Eli loves any and all books and cuddles up to mommy and sucks his thumb as I read to him. The BOOK BUCKS then allow them to buy toys from the treasure chest at the library. So the boys say that any of their toys that they receive from the treasure chest are called, "BOOK BUCKS." So, a lot of times during the day I will hear one of my boys say, "Mommy, where are my BOOK BUCKS?" AHHH BOOK BUCKS! They also have received free ice cream coupons from Ben and Jerry's, dinner from Bob Evans, and burgers from Whataburger. It has been fun! They love BOOK BUCKS!

My Sweet Maggie Beth

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Isn't she beautiful! Her smiles light up my day. My sweet Maggie!

Sink or Float

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What have we been doing each day? I need to catch up! I wanted to update my blog on my dayz to remember, see the problem is I need a new battery for my camera and I have not been able to take pictures of the things we have been doing for a week or so, but I thought I would add what pictures I have not added. For science day we have played does it sink or float, we also did a fish game where there are numbers on some fish and stars on the other fish (thanks to Hezekiah's preschool this past school year) so we have played that too. The boys have to match the number to the correct number of stars on the little fish. We have made mud pies for science day and also have used food coloring to predict and see what different colors are made when added together. My camera went dead during that one. This week we have painted and made Chef boy ar dee pizza. (however you spell it!) That was a lot of fun, but I was so surprised the boys did not want to play with the dough..........they enjoyed everything else though. Hezekiah has also been practicing making A's and B's today, Eli colored, and we also did puzzles.

That's an E

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Maggie is 2 months old now, at her check up she weighed 10 lbs. 3/4 ounces and she was 23 & 3/4 inches tall. She is tall and skinny. She is also more active and alert these days, she can be such a sleepy head. We have had a couple 'make your own sundae' nights with friends over and the kids really have enjoyed making them with sprinkles, M&M's (Eli says when he eats them as he turns the M's sideways, "That's an E, that's an E.."), and whipped cream......yum! I guess it is one way to beat the rainy days and summer heat! After you eat ice cream sundaes your face goes pretty crazy as you can see with Eli and Hezekiah I am sure it is all the sugar they had!

"Huzekiah, do you got yous beatcycle on?"

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So today at 8:15 a.m. I decided to venture into known territory with 3 children. I decided it was time to go GROCERY shopping with my three. Thankfully the Neighborhood Wal-Mart is only 2 minutes down the road and not many people are at Wal-Mart that time of day, hhhmmm I wonder why?? But thankfully it went really well. The only funny thing that happened really was Hezekiah running after one of the workers who had a forklift thingy with a pallet on it and she was pulling it down past the frozen food section (we were by the garlic bread area.........who can resist garlic bread?) and he decided to start running after the poor woman full blast, yelling "I am gonna get you." She kept pulling the pallet, however at a bit faster pace. Hezekiah is running ahead of me and the lady is past the meat section now, and he is still running after her and an older woman looks at me and says with a grin, "You got your hands full." I laughed and said, "Yep, it is this way every morning, if you want you can come over sometime and see more action!" She said, "Oh, he will grow out of it." But personally, I do not think it would be much fun if he did grow out of it. Actually, I think that God has skipped a generation in my family and gave me the wild man. My grandma always told my mom that she hoped that my father got one exactly like my knowledge from what I have been told my father once caught the sewers on fire in his hometown. So, what the Lord has blessed me with here is interesting...........I pray that it is not to that extent because my mom says that I was good! :) Maybe it is from Page's side of the family.

Today was also funny, because well......those of you who have multiples and remember the days of feeding a wee one and wondering just what your other children are going to do during the time you are occupied with the littlest is always interesting. You may plan the best of activities for them during that time...........I usually plan snack time, but they ALWAYS come up with something else......usually fighting over a coveted toy. But today was different, it was really amusing and I laughed and smiled a lot listening to my boys. First, they decided the front of the sofa was a spaceship and they were flying. Eli says to Hezekiah, "Huzekiah, do you got yous beatcycle on?" And he lifted his little hands over his shoulders and pretended to click a button in front of him on his chest. I started laughing. He meant his seat buckle. Next, Hezekiah came up with a game in my bedroom using a toy from McDonalds (some type of stick thingy) and a plastic star that you place on the end of the stick and throw. Well, he made Eli sit at the end of the bed and watch him. He made Eli say, "Go Hezekiah, Go Hezekiah." Then Eli would say, "Good shot Huzekiah." Hezekiah would say, "Eli, say 'That's my brother.'" And Eli would say it, then Eli would say, "Yeah, Huzekiah, Yeah." It was much fun listening to them..........because well I was feeding my little peanut and I did not get to watch it all, but I did get to listen. Right now they are playing the game with Daddy, and Daddy has to say, "That's my son!" Too cute!

Lamby's Debut

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Well Lamby finally made it to the internet. We had many responses to the lamby saga. One person actually claimed that lamby was his that he lost years ago. So that is up to the court to decide. So if you have any claim to this stuffed animal let us know. Or if you just want to say how cute Lamby is, do that.

Seriously, Lamby is going to the kids down the street!

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Lamby? So, Eli for months, probably almost a year has been sleeping
with his little Lamby, however, Hezekiah claims the other morning that,
Lamby is his and that he waaaannnntsss Lamby. He says it is his lamby
and that Eli lied and said that it is his lamby. Now, I can appreciate
children's toys and I can appreciate when my children use Mr. Potato
Head as a spaceship (Hezekiah) and when they use a Storm trooper as a
spoon (Eli) [Wouldn't Lucas be proud?]. But I do not much appreciate
or find it amusing when they argue and whine over a toy. Now since my 2
and 4 year old are in the same room (in a bunk bed) (Did you ask
yourself, boy are they crazy?) pretty much all toys are fair game &
should be shared, but since each has their own bed, Eli has his babies
(which one is Lamby) and Hezekiah has a bed full of toys and I am not
lying when I say FULL of Toys and each are territorial about these
items!!! So there was much wailing and crying at the top of their lungs
the other morning about lets say 6:30 a.m. (Fun huh?) So Lamby, who is
soft, cuddly, white and holding a baby lamby in its arms is the coveted
toy I guess for the WEEK! Thanks to Page I have a new saying about
toys when they are not shared, it is "We are going to give those toys to
the kids down the street if you do not behave." Now, really come on who
are the kids down the street? I honestly do not know who they are but,
it sure sounds good and it gets my children's little rears in shape when
we say that. Because "sharing" or "giving" their coveted possessions to
some other kid down the street would be unheard of, so it is a good tool
for discipline...........thanks to my sweet husband! So you may want to
try it! Let me know if it works. P.S. I will be posting a picture of
Lamby and if anyone really does want it let me know and you can be our
kid down the street. No, seriously I think Lamby may need to go!


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Oh, no the weekend is not over! We do not want the holiday weekend to
end! So instead we went to the Zoo and Uno! Oh, my, Hezekiah had so
much fun digging for bones and pretending to be a veterinarian, and Eli
too. It is so neat and amazing to see their little imaginations at
work. It is a crime scene, where the kids can dig for bones and match
them to an animal, but Hezekiah said, "I am at the dig site, ready to
find the dinosaur bones." Then Uno is so fun, the boys got to make
their own pizza........they really wanted to eat the cheese and
pepperonis and not make their pizza, but I had to tell them to wait
since the cook had to cook our pizza still. They are so funny dancing
in the booths to the music. Best of all I love their smiles and how my
oldest says, "Daddy, this is a fun adventure." How adorable!

4th of July Fun

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Hezekiah in the clouds, Popsicle Face Eli, and Page (aka Daddy) and
Maggie Beth.

Mommy's Pirates

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Piggy Banks & Sorting M&M's

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