No, no dat blueberry has not come yet!

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In my efforts to remember each day, this is like my little blurb for my
children in the future. My intentions are to make this a little
scrapbook for them, so this is a fun way to share our life with others I

Yesterday was a big event in our home. Hezekiah's tooth was super loose
and at dinner, I told Page that he needed to check Kiah's tooth b/c it
was hanging there. Now, Page is the tooth man, maybe he should have
been a dentist. He has pulled kids' teeth before, so being our own
child was a treat for him (I guess that is what you would call it!) So
after dinner Hezekiah allowed Page to pull his tooth, after much talking
during dinner about the tooth fairy and the money that the tooth fairy
would leave and maybe getting a toy if he had enough
Hezekiah being one who loves gifts/toys, was all for it. So the tooth
fairy came to visit our home last night. How much fun! Hezekiah awoken
by his brother this morning at 3:45 a.m. accusing him of taking his
babies (all his stuffed animals that he sleeps with),........the poor
kid just must have awoke from a bad dream that his brother was taking
stuff from him or something, remembered the tooth fairy was suppose to
come and looked under his pillow to his surprise she had already come,
he was soooo excited, "Yeah!!!!" he said shaking with pure excitement.
Anyhow, later that morning when people are suppose to actually be
awake........he was still excited. And we all had breakfast and there
was more talk about the tooth fairy and how she got in the house and
what she looked like and etc. and then out of no where Eli says with
puppy eyes, "No, no dat blueberry (tooth fairy) has not come yet!" I
could not stand it not to share. What a pumpkin that little guys is!
So, you may ask why was I awake at 3:45 a.m.? Well, I was feeding my
sweet little Maggie Beth and praise God........she slept 6 hours last
night! Yeah hooray for Maggie Beth!!!

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July! Actually these pictures will be really mailed to
some friends who live in South Carolina, who we are so sad we will not
see this 4th of July. BOO HOO!!
Anyhow, the boys wrote these letters with mommy's help and then today
learned about shapes (rectangles, squares, and
efforts to create an American Flag. I was too tired to try and cut out

Let me just say, I love being a mommy! I am so thankful the Lord has
blessed me with such sweet little ones, I am so undeserving. I just
look at the precious faces our Lord has created and I am truly blown
away that He would give me such precious gifts. As I look at Maggie
Beth's itty bitty little toes, Hezekiah's beautiful, sparkling eyes, and
Eli's sweet, precious cheeks...........I just am so in love with them.
I hope they know how much mommy loves them (and daddy too). They
certainly are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Hey Eli, we are driving her crazy!

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Quiet! I think everyone is asleep in my house! All kids I mean! I
guess I wore Hezekiah out by telling him he could earn money by helping
me dust! WOW!! It is so quiet! SHHHH, I actually think I can hear
myself think!! :) What an awesome feeling! I love this time of day,
time for me! And no, I am not going crazy -- even though my children
and husband may think so at times.

Eli said today, "I go pooping all day." (after the 3rd time
today........I said, "Yep, you sure do!" Crack me up!
Hezekiah said the other day, laughing, "We are driving her crazy."
Meaning him and Eli (Yes, I truly live in a cracked up world - I guess
they have heard me say that a time or two). So Eli told me the other
day at dinner, "You drive me crazy mommy! I love you." I also tell him
a lot, "Eli, you are something else." So lately, he says, "Mommy, you r
somfin elze." I love it!!! What funny guys! Even if the drive me
crazy at times!

Fun! Today we made pictures with rubber stamps and paint. It was a
good time! But both children got a little perturbed that the paint
would not come off their hands?? Oh well, we still had fun. I think
sharing of these ideas may help me gain new ideas from
friends/ tell me some other things to do!!!

More sugar than anyone should have before 8 a.m.

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Since my eldest decides to rise with the sunshine, activity in my house begins early these days, since the longest day of the year was June 21st! So needless to say my children have had more sugar before 8 a.m. this morning than most humans consume in a day. Yummy! Thankfully we had a friend over to check out our swing set and burned those calories!

Me and My 3

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Do my children really want to live with me today?

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One of those days! ;-) Sometimes I wonder if I really would want to
live with me on some days. It has been one of those days. I sorted
through the boys clothes, b/c well Eli is getting just too big for 2T's,
and it desperately needed to be done. Last night Page took Eli to the
grocery with him and put this little green tank top on him and it was
just so tight and Eli's little belly was showing. He was just stinking
adorable and I had to laugh............I said to myself, okay I now know
what we are doing first thing in the morning..........getting rid of the
2T stuff. So that is what we (Hezekiah, Eli, and mommy) did. Maggie of
course slept! Well, it would not have taken so long to do if my boys
cooperated, but no Eli pooped in his britches and we had to take care of
that..........after I said to my 2 year old, "Remember if you have to go
poo poo tell mommy so you can go on the potty." Nope, he went in his
underwear. He goes number 1 fine in the potty, but number 2 is hit
and miss. (Boy he is going to love that I put this in here when he is
like 15 , huh?). And then the boys just wanted the toy each other had
and had to touch each other a lot and aggravate each other A LOT!!! And
well aggravate me A LOT!! I said a lot of no's, don't do that, come on
now, stop it...............and well...............really who would want
to hear that all day. So we went to the library and McDonald's. Now
that is better huh? I am glad to know that my heart is tender enough to
know that, hearing a bunch of negative things does not really make
anyone happy. Maybe the rest of the day I will like to live with me! :-D

Eli's Bug (with help cutting circles with mommy)

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Hezekiah's bug

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So how in the world do you find time for this?

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So, in efforts to keep my sanity with a 1 month old and a 4 and 2 year
old, I have decided to make each day a particular "TIME." Each morning
after I place my peaceful daughter down for her first nap of the day, my
loud and crazy guys and I check out which day it is (b/c, well with a
new baby - I may not remember) and have our "TIME." Monday I decided
is cooking time, Tuesday is Art/Craft time, Wednesday is
puzzle/workbook/& ABC time thanks to Hezekiah, Thursday is Math and
Science time, and Friday is mystery day (because it is a mystery to me
at the moment........). Anyhow we have been successful in watching a
caterpillar change to a butterfly, we have counted hershey kisses and
eaten them, we have counted spoons and added them, we made very yummy
chocolate chip bars (where once I got the eggs, butter, brown sugar,
sugar, vanilla all combined - Eli threw a fit b/c he thought it was
peanut butter and he wanted, "A BITE.") We also made adorable little
bugs............I was so proud of my eldest who cut out his circles and
applied each piece of crafty supply to his little bug. So today thanks
to Hezekiah we also have ABC day............we did puzzles, and
workbooks (tracing things)............and well clever me places ABCD on
the poster I made to remind us what we do on Wednesday and when we
finished the puzzles and workbooks, the Hez man said beligerently, "WE
HAVE TO DO OUR ABC's TOO!!!" I was like, not have
anything planned for the ABC's but we can think up something quickly
huh? Anyhow, I have the leapfrog letters on the front door (magnetic)
and I go okay come over here and I made them find each letter as we sang
the alphabet and put them in order..........found out we are missing and
I and a Z.........not bad for having them for 4 years! So if anyone has
an extra I or Z, send it our way! Our time lasted an hour today! I
was certainly impressed.........I even got a shower in afterward and all
before 10:30 a.m. It is amazing what one can accomplish when one
doesn't know what one can do (from a Garfield poster I had when I was a
kid). I will post our bug pictures (sooo cute!)


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